Aureus Capital
corporate finance advisory
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Aureus Capital

is an independent professional corporate finance advisory firm located in Estonia, providing custom-tailored strategic advice and services to both local and foreign corporations and investors.

Our corporate consulting services focus on clients' most critical financial issues and opportunities. We advise on matters of corporate strategy, merger and acquisition, divestitures, restructuring, management buy-outs, debt and equity fund raising, corporate finance and asset management.

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Our Client

Industrial company located in Europe with an annual turnover between 5 and 50 million Euro
Well established and successful business, ready for a new challenging international expansion project
Own a loyal customer base
A company proud of its know how, history and relevant domestic and international track record

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Our Clients Needs

Consolidate the business size to increase com-petitiveness
Reduce industrial costs and keep high quality standards establishing new logistic and production sites in the Baltic Regions
Expand internationally by investing in one of the most reliable, stable and economically sustainable economies of Europe, with high credit rating and accessible finance
Operate in a very modern and business oriented environment with a flexible and convenient labor market  
Access strong European markets like Scandinavia as well as Europe’s fastest-growing market economy with sustainable markets reaching 200 mln customers within 24h road transport range

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Our Solutions

We are committed from day one on helping our business clients to reach a new level of success.

Preliminary analysis of the potential opportunities and business visits of the Baltic Region:
We assist our future customers from the first contact organizing preliminary meetings at their premises in order to analyze their business realities in detail. We arrange dedicated visits in the Baltic area to catch the local business opportunities, to meet the local business development authorities (structured funds) and other useful financial institutions.

International trading and logistic platform
Support in establishing logistic hub/trading office to serve Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Baltic Countries and Russia. We study, analyze and develop options for leveraging the fastest growing area in Europe and reaching more than 200 mln customers in a range of 1.000 km.

Mergers & Acquisitions M&A
We help our clients to correctly evaluate a prospect business target, establish a detail business plan and execute a transaction with support of local administrative units. Strategic Consultancy in analyzing opportunities and starting up an operation to analyze  business opportunities and build potential scenarios to achieve clients perspectives.

Management and Implementation
For successful implementation of an expansion, relocation or consolidation of a client's operations we generate and manage the necessary policies and procedures.

Investor Services
We provide an efficient environment for the clients to support their needs from administration to management.

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Our Services
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Strategic Business Advisory
Adding a New Location in the Baltic Region

Our consultants will follow the new location plan from the extremely complex preparation activity to the execution of the business plan and in the many cases extending our support to improve the already established business.
For the brand new location establishment we offer support in such activities as:

Assistance with feasibility plan and market research
Normalization of existing business model to the local environment
Business planning
Support on funding the project through local and international institutions
Support on finding infrastructures and machines
Research of local partners, coordinate support of local institutions and authorities
Human Resources research and recruiting

Corporate Finance Advisory

Aureus Capital’s professionals are continuously supporting companies to grow by entering new markets or consolidating their position in the region.
Our Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) specialists provide support in:

Review and appraisal business targets in the region and prepare a map of main indicators and values
Establish contacts and arrange on-site visits of the most suitable targets
Advice on any reorganization needed prior to a deal
Assistance with the preparation of a feasibility and business plan
Assistance with raising finance required (applicable only to advising clients)
Outsource key figures for the transition period

Business Services

Market Analyses
Financial evaluations of businesses and assets
Preparation of business plans
Preparation and management of applications for banks and EU structural funds
Preliminary legal and financial due diligence
Research for prospect investments
Support on funding (only for managed projects)
Temporary outsourcing of key management
Human Resources research and recruiting
Company formation and accountancy
Virtual office
Research of local partners, coordinate support of local institutions and authorities
Human Resources research and recruiting

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Aureus Capital Consulting OÜ

Tartu mnt 14
10117 Tallinn - Estonia
+372 6871521